Get that perfect night sleep, wake up feeling energized, balanced and ready to make the best of your day.

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Blog

Good flow 

Ensure there is a good flow of clean fresh air and a good source of natural light. 

De-clutter your bedside tables, drawers, table-tops and wardrobe.

Clutter promotes a dis-organised behavioral pattern whereas uncluttered spaces create a sense of calmness, setting you up for that great night sleep

Minimize exposure

Minimize exposure to harmful, energy zapping electric and magnetic fields (EMF). A low EMF exposure is especially important at night when your body is doing most of its healing. A high EMF exposure will pollute the good vibes of love, happiness, peace and healing in your intimate space.  High EMF’s have been scientifically proven to weaken ones immune system and linked to a myriad of illnesses.  Reduce exposure by removing electrical appliances from your bedroom including the TV, exercise equipment and ensure cell phones are not close to the bed.  EMF’s from alarm clocks can be minimized by using batteries instead of electricity.