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Is your home looking a little tired?

Could your home do with a refresh?

Imagine elevating your living spaces for greater comfort & enjoyment.

We have more than 10 years of experience in both residential and commercial interiors, from designing one-room interiors to large-scale multi-functional commercial projects.

Want to refresh an older interior?

With our clients requirements and preferences foremost in mind, we believe a key to any successful design is a collaboration between client and ourselves.

We will transform your house into the elegant, enjoyable home

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Avoid Costly Mistakes

You will avoid costly mistakes such as buying a piece of furniture or paint colour that’s just not right; cushions and accessories bought on impulse that simply don’t fit in with the rest of your décor


Relieve That Overwhelm

We’ll relieve that overwhelm of what, where and how to start, by taking you through a step-by-step process from crystalising your outcome to agreeing a sensible plan of how we will achieve it


Personalised Style

Allow us to design a personalised style according to your taste preferences. Some of the elements we will carefully consider when designing a style that will be unique to you, will include room layout, functional use and spacial optimisation, comfort, lighting, window treatments, floor coverings, mirrors, plants plus styling accessories.

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